Become a real king of grilling – give fish, meat and vegetable dishes a unique aroma and taste of cedar wood.

When the cedar grill planks are moistened and warmed, the essential oils in the wood revive, radiating a unique aroma and taste. After noticing this, constipated grill specialists very quickly fell in love with this method of grilling. We suggest you try it too.

Cedar grill planks can also be used for baking in the oven.

How to use cedar planks?

Soak the grill plank in water for at least an hour before cooking and place it directly on the grill with the prepared dish. The same cedar grill plank can be used up to 3 times.

You can choose from two sizes:

  • 200×100 mm (set of 10 pcs.).
  • 250×150 mm (set of 5 pcs.).

The thickness of the boards is 10 mm.

We can also make grill planks of other dimensions you need.