Rare facade finishing is characterized by naturalness, aesthetics and practicality. In this case, the leading positions are occupied by Red cedar shingles for roofs and facades, creating an exceptional individuality in traditional and modern architecture – from simple details to the impressive exterior finish of the object.

Cedar wood shingles are especially popular in the birthplace of cedar – in the western part of Canada and the USA, today they are increasingly chosen in Lithuania as well. They are lightweight, so simplification of construction is possible, as well as easy transportation, no special equipment is required. Nevertheless, it provides all the properties of cedar wood: resistance to moisture and climate change, resistance to deformation, pests and rot.

The roof and facade coating of red cedar shingles is one of the lightest (~6 kg/m2), therefore the construction can be simplified. Properly installed cedar shingled roofs retain their aesthetics and function for up to 75-100 years, even in harsh climates, and wind gust resistance is up to 54 m/s.

Cedar shingles do not need additional processing – when left naturally, they are covered with a beautiful silver color. However, in order to maintain the intense and rich color of cedar wood, the shingles can be additionally covered with natural oil.

Cedar shingles come straight from Canada.